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Let's make 1d100 Ocean Encounters!

What sort of things will ye find on the high seas!
  1. "A pirate ship with all of it's crew are heavily asleep. Waking up any of the crew members causes them to suffer a heart attack!"
Further inspection of the ship reveals that someone brought aboard a cursed gem in the shape of a skull! Dispelling the magic from the gem will safely wake all of the crew.
  1. "An island with a sail hung from palm tree's pulls up next to you! On it you see a man with tattered clothes and an age old beard. It's a traveling merchant! Right now it doesn't look like he has many goods, but he sure has a lot of money! All of his goods are laid out neatly on a very tattered, red and white checker blanket."
The trader will buy pretty much anything; don't try to steal from him though. His island and goods are protected by coconuts shrouded in blue flames, haunted by the souls who were lost at sea!
  1. A group of sahuagin have found an underwater “temple” and awaken a shark god in it that has been imprisoned for millennia. They are now raiding coastal towns for live sacrifices to feed this newfound deity.
  1. A castaway is floating on a poorly made life raft. If you try to offer him a ride he says he will only do it if you all are heading towards ...
  1. A seagull lands on the bow with a message tied to it's leg.
  1. A brass dragon can be seen flying along to the South.
  1. As the crew tries to correct there course, they find the rudder is not responding.
  1. a waterfall that falls from the clouds into the ocean. Your boat can travel up it. What could be up there?
  1. a slow moving but non hostile leviathan that is just swimming along just below the surface. A giant turtle perhaps?
  1. a whirlpool. If sucked in perhaps it's current propels you to the bottom of the ocean.
  1. debris and destroyed ships from a concluded battle.
  1. A literal parted ocean, in the ocean youre sailing on, that leads to an island that is submerged when the ocean is not parted, but above the surface when it is. What kind of strange physics leads to this?
  1. a natural archway of seemingly natural stone that, if travelled through, leads to an ocean of blood within a demonic dimension.
  1. a merchant ship filled with riches that looks to just be floating about on its own. It is completely abandoned. What kind of horrors/madness would cause the entirety of the crew to abandon such wealth? Why is there no trace of the crew at all, or any discernible struggle?
  1. A massive Storm Giant that is just sitting atop a sand bar. He is fishing using a God Sized fishing rod. What is he fishing for you ask? Krakens hopefully. He wishes to make a nice Kraken dish for his girl for their anniversary. Unfortunately he seems to only be catching Colossal Squid thus far.
  1. A dead whale that is just floating around and bloating from the trapped gasses within. Dont poke it. Oh dear, there are sharks poking it. Yup theyre taking chunks out of it. Its gonna explode if they keep biting it. Yeah- yup and there it goes. It exploded.
  1. Trillions upon trillions of ants have, it seems, connected themselves together in a lattice and have formed a successful raft. By the grace of the gods, and the laws of physics they are floating to new lands. Take your hats off and salute these ants, friends, for their own unfathomable goals are loftier than our own and yet they are showing the world they can achieve anything. Respect.

18. Amidst the waves, there is a strange section of the ocean that all of a sudden features completely still and undisturbed water. Very suspicious.

  1. a meteor from space, probably a solid 100 feet in radius, lights up the sky in a blaze and contacts the surface of the water sending a massive geyser back up into space and showering the surrounding mile and a rainy mist. It contacted the water nearly a mile away, will you investigate? Is it lost to the depths or did it land in a shallow enough spot to dive to?
  1. 3 lights can be seen a few miles away dancing above the ocean. Once the party's craft gets closer the lights suddenly rush towards them. They're pixies, and they're a little worse for wear. They plead for the party to save their island home from "the rock man".
  1. Traveling brothel
  1. Traveling casino
  1. Naval ship
  1. Naval fleet
  1. Life raft with a man lost at sea
  1. Life raft with a doppelgängeoni/some other shapeshifter posing as a man lost at sea
  1. Weresharks
  1. Pirate ship
  1. Floating Supplies
  1. Pirate ship with (enter monster here) as the captain
  1. Kraken
  1. Doldrums
  1. Whirlpool
  1. x
  1. Pirate ship with (enter monster here) as the crew

36. Sea hags

  1. Water elementals
  1. Air elementals
  1. Merfolk
  1. Merrows
  1. Ghost Ship
  1. A friendly ship
  1. A hostile ship
  1. "From far off you see storm clouds, approaching fast. As the storm comes nearer, a water spout forms, stretching from the ocean to the sky. What are those large shapes swirling within the spout? Surely those aren't triangular dorsal fins?!"
  1. "You've been stuck in the doldrums for a few days now, wishing for something, anything, to happen. As that thought crosses your mind for the thousandth time, a smell catches your nose. It smells like low tide in the docks. A desiccated hand, seaweed clinging to it like funeral wrappings, claws its way onto the rail. The arm attached to it, and yes truly the entire clawing corpse, is similarly encased in seaweed. Two more seaweed mummies quickly join it, effortlessly clawing their way onto the deck. A scream from elsewhere on the boat makes you realize that maybe you should have been careful what you wished for..."
  1. "Off the stern you see men approaching the boat. Each is standing astride two harnessed sharks and it's hard to mistake the malice in their eyes."
  1. *"Another gout of flame lights up the night sky. Truly this must be the terrible one-winged dragon pirate, Captain Blauvint with his magical cannon Belcher."
  1. A boxy black ship that runs with no lights at night. It's a floating ninja fortress!
  1. The players find a beautiful tiara or shell and gold in some lost temple, but soon after they aquire it Sahaugin (and other terrible things from the deep) attack whenever they stop.
  1. An elven lich with eyes that have some other world's night sky in them, serves as the emissary of the mad goddess of the sea, burning those who do not pay her proper tithe.
  1. The seven daggers of the Cortadormar, a crew of largely benevolent pirates famous for starting a feud with a local lord. Perhaps they seek help? Perhaps the local lord will pay well for information about them?
  1. A small jungle island inhabited solely by dinosaurs, though crumbling structures hint at a previous civilization.
  1. Vampirates. Nuff said.
  1. A woman frozen in a solid block of ice, just bobbing there in the ocean. She looks mildly annoyed.
  1. *a mile wide iceburg floats nearby, inhabited by a young white dragon and his cohort of kobold fishermen. There are several penguins​ that will raise the alarm should any Interlopers appear. The white dragon waits in a cave at the center of the burg and uses ice shape to ensure victory if anyone is foolish enough to face him within. He is visible through the ice. Sloped Icy staircase: DC-23.
  1. At night, preferably, the sound of oars. Light reveals a black shape: a hooded man in an old boat; he asks for food and if given, he returns to a little isle somewhere close. If searched, the isle, the man and her wife, are infested with fungi. It's dreadful
  1. The party comes across an unexplained abandoned ship floating on the high seas (a la the [Mary Celeste](( Exploring the craft is a disturbing experience - the PC's continually see things moving out of the corner of their eye.
If they look in the captain's cabin they will find what appears to be a large chest. Alas, it is a mimic. The party will then realize the things they saw moving in the corner of their eyes are more of the creatures: the ship is infested with mimics!
What has happened here? Here are some possibilities:
  • 1: The ship was transporting captured mimics, and they escaped and ate the crew.
  • 2: Mimics are squid like creatures native to the depths of the sea. Every so often they come to the surface - perhaps to play, breed, or hunt.
  • 3: The mimics are the spawn of a much larger mimic ... the ship itself.
  1. A ship infested with rum gremlins -- they're contagious!
  1. An uncharted island with a line mountain and lots of vegetation. It appears to move . . . And it opened an eye? The island is a giant turtle. And there's a druid grove/toweruins on its back.
  1. A bottle in some flotsam. Cleaning the bottle reveals a model ship! But, a closer look reveals its no model. Another ship was cursed and trapped in the bottle. Can you free them? Will you be next?
  1. Some small boats are gathered in a circle. Dressed in black robes, they chant in the deep speech.
  1. A storm sorcerer in a manta cloak climbs aboard. The mage offers swift winds in exchange for safe passage, good company, and a black pearl.
  1. "From out of the mist a ship appears. It's ghostly crew doesn't appear to notice anyone else. They appear to be fleeing in panic. Suddenly they stop and as one turn and stare to the South with mouths agape in horror. They throw up their arms as though to ward something off,then instantly pop out of existence. Off to the South a dim light can be briefly seen..."
  1. Your Mage/scientist inspects a rainbow shimmer on the surface of the water surrounding your ship, it's liquid memory holding a message/warning.
  1. A ship is sighted, called "Esoteric Order" from the city of Newburyport. The first seaman seen, Obed Marsh, seems normal, and responds to overtures. He tells them that...
"Right naow Cap'n is abaout changed. Can't shet his eyes no more, an' is all aout o' shape. He still wears clothes, but he'll take to the water soon."
Once closer, the PCs will see that the ship is crewed by silent, squat men with bulging eyes that never blink. When hailed, they simply stare at the PCs with unblinking eyes and gaping mouths. A rank stench of dead fish and rotting seaweed hangs over all. Swimming in the water beneath the "Esoteric Order" are humanoid shapes...
  1. Underwater rock or reef
  1. Floating carcass of giant sea creature
  1. Giant Piranhas surround the ship.
  1. There's a small, rocky island far away from any other land. On it is a very attractive woman in a makeshift shelter. You can hear her singing long before you can see her. She is NOT a siren; she is a bard whose performance is singing. She is here due to a miscalibration of a teleportation circle. She's also chaotic evil, greedy and very charming.
  1. A gnomish submersible captained by a Rogue smuggler currently transporting drugs but also a member of the Gnomish Royal family in disguise on the run from their evil betrothed.
  1. A stormcloud nursery: rain falls up from the ocean into slowly growing and darkening clouds.
  1. A long makeshift canoe manned with goblins is anchored. The goblins are slapping the water with broad oars in unison, creating waves. When asked what they are doing, they say they are creating a tsunami to punish another beach-dwelling tribe who insulted their leader.
  1. An awe-inspiring school of glittering flying fish burst from the ocean around you, chittering with delight like a beautiful birdsong.
  1. A rowboat occupied by three famished and guilt-ridden seamen together with the well-gnawed bones of the deceased Cabin Boy, young Master Richard Parker, 17 y/o, destined not to grow any older.
  1. A floating hulk whose crew are all dead. A throng of aquatic ghouls (Lacedons) are aboard and indulging in a feast.
  1. A hot air balloon is floating along the breeze. The sole occupant of the balloons basket, a middle-aged male halfling, seems to frantically trying to land the balloon on the deck of your ship. Do you allow it ? or do you shoot him down ?
  1. Murder mystery on the ship.
  1. Attacked by an undersea vessel. Enchanted by elemental mage.
  1. Bump into (literally) undersea vessel. Invented by dwarven/gnomish plumbers for use in underwater mining.
  1. Slave ship coming back from war.
  1. Druidic ship made entirely of animated plants.
  1. Encounter trade ship set up for non-land based trade. Avoids taxes, trades exclusively with other vessels.
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putdown putt puzzle puzzling pyramid pyromania python
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JoJo's OC Tournament #3 - Round 4 Wrap-up

The results are in for match 5 and match 6. The winner of match 5 is…
Buffalo Soldier, with a score of 66 to Russ Teneo’s 65!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Russ Teneo 18-22 A lot of debate came down to the very first things that Russ Teneo did, and whether or not recruiting a random passerby was a feasible strategy or not, but thankfully nobody seemed to consider it the sole deciding factor of the strategy, giving both it and Buffalo’s a fair analysis to the tune of a close 5-6… And a third, singular voice citing with confidence that Destiny Showdown would be the one to land the killing blow. Though counting it technically wouldn’t have made a difference in terms of who ultimately came out as the victor, the one-point lead makes too much of a point about how tight a match this truly was.
Quality Buffalo Soldier 24-21 Reasoning.
JoJolity Buffalo Soldier 24-22 Reasoning.
Who the… Who the hell is this guy? Russ Teneo had pulled out all the stops in curbing the madman who’d suddenly appeared during his assassination attempt, but for his trouble, was ultimately left collapsed on his hands and knees, struggling to stand and no longer even noticed by the man who’d defeated him and taken down the senator to boot.
Jules can’t fight anymore… I’m all that’s left of Jaded Justice! I can’t just… I can’t… Just…
Buffalo Soldier slung his most potent weapon over his shoulder, standing in the remains of the battle-worn truck stop. There were only two once-living things in this entire area still standing: him, and Destiny Showdown.
Destiny took a defensive stance as Buffalo walked closer, only for the wild man to look off to something by the side of what remained of Senator Elliot’s limousine: the shot-up corpse of Thela Hun Ginjeet.
Buffalo closed his onetime leader’s eyes, picked him up, and slinged him over his shoulder. “There’s something he would have wanted.”
Moments later, a bus pulls back up to the wrecked truck stop, skidding to a halt next to Buffalo and Destiny. Desummoning Window Licker, Amaki Castillo, very visibly shaken but unharmed, emerged. “Buffalo Soldier. You are… Going to explain why I woke up being shot at and had to drive the bus alone!”
“The two of you…” Destiny gives a relieved smile, clutching his wounded arm still. “I would have died if it wasn’t for the two of you.” And a frown, looking at Thela again. “I’m sorry I could not save your companion… He fought and lived valiantly, according to his own ideals.” He strokes his chin some. “This… Whole mess, with the bodies of the senator and his men… I’ll dispose of it. You needn’t worry a minute about authorities tracing any of this back to you. That’s the most I can do to repay you.”
“Really? You’re just gonna…” Amaki had a feeling this is a really good thing, even when she didn’t really understand what was going on. “What’s the catch?”
“All I ask in return,” Destiny offers, “is whatever may still be inside Russ Teneo’s car. I can even show you whatever I find.”
Speaking for both of them, Buffalo was quick to answer. “…deal. Best thing we can get right now.”
Over the course of the next several minutes, Amaki and Buffalo watched in awe and slight horror as, very methodically, the supernaturally talented restaurateur, using his stand’s fluids, reduced the blood-soaked battlefield of a truck stop covered in damning evidence into a disturbingly sterile place, riddled with skeletons laying in this or that position, special Deep Purple weapons disassembled or destroyed to an unrecognizable extent.
“All should be good here…” Destiny looks at a car approaching in the distance. “Ah, and perfect timing. My ride is here.”
With his new acquisition, before either of Amaki or Buffalo could get a good look at the driver, Destiny had piled into the car, which sped away in the direction from which it came.
Ah, Destiny. I hadn’t suspected my faith to be misplaced, but am I ever glad to see you again. I take it by the veritable boneyard I drove in on that your mission was a success?
“There were… complications. I regret that Thela Hun Ginjeet lost his life in the struggle, and some others had to help me in the end,” he admits, “as you probably knew by the man who rode off to meet you. Speaking of him, I trust Wyland is…”
Thela… It’s possible such a man with resolve like his could have understood us. At least, I’d like to think.” GIANTS’ usually clean-cut silhouette was noticeably frayed at the edges, his clothing seeming torn, singed, or otherwise worn out. Looking down at his own state of appearances, his voice once again rings out with deep self-satisfaction. “In any case, Wyland is about as likely to trouble us again as the monster we’ve slain today.
“That’s… good.” Destiny winces through his teeth, clutching his bleeding arm. “Could you take care of this?”
Naturally. I just didn’t want to presume.” As he reaches out to place his shade-cloaked hand on Destiny’s wound, something gives him a moment of pause. “I don’t take it that what you’re holding is… ” Implores the shadow, having already pulled away from Destiny’s no-longer bleeding arm.
Destiny brings the object close to the driver, and his eyes go wide in excitement. “It was exactly as I’d suspected… This is ‘The Hanging Tree.’”
Excellent. Of course, I take it that this means that another one of those ‘groups’ in this hunt…
Destiny nods. “Jaded Justice will trouble us no more. All of its members are either deceased or no longer in any condition to fight again.”
The first of them to drop out of this was Akiyoshi Yamamoto, who left the team after that bungee jumping battle at the Grand Canyon caused by our late associate. He’s recovered and rejoined the Speedwagon Foundation since, but their Japanese branch is more preoccupied with possible associates to Deep Purple. He won’t trouble us.
The second to depart was Miras Atrium, who was on that second model volcano created by Barbie Girl, alongside Henry Walshmann. He lacked the… Resolve, that his companions had, and has simply withdrawn from this hunt entirely.
Blue Monday was quite the skilled leader and investigator, and even a decent gambler by his track record against Crowbar Jackson in the House of the Rising Sun. Lilah disposed of him with no complications.
Henry Walshman survived the same faux volcanic eruption Miras did, only to be defeated in Dubai taking an elevator at the same time as Baron Mordechai. He never even managed to meet Blue Monday before he expired and the elevator he’d been bleeding out in crashed.
Grace Vincent… A sad casualty of someone else’s assassination. After she showed so much resolve in defeating that raccoon in a Deep Purple research facility, she too fell victim to a fatal crash orchestrated by Lilah Dawn after that bizarre test Missy Elliot’s former babysitter put her through.
Their third longest lasting, and their oldest member, Tsao Xu, who was instrumental in the murder of Flori Dada and cutting of half our funding with the help of Bikini Bottom… If I recall Mr. Roan’s report on that correctly, he died of old age after attempting to curtail Manny Elflad’s hospital massacre.
Jules Langlais, that young man who seemed inseparable for awhile from Russ Teneo. They defeated the Ultraviolet Underground on a stretch of road not unlike this one, but then he failed alongside Tsao Xu at that hospital. Teaming up again with Russ, the pair was able to kill Marco F. Caine before he could be a problem for us, only to be defeated by his teammate in some mob-run batting cage and put in critical condition.
Russ Teneo proved to be a fiercer fighter than any of his allies. I reiterate that he defeated two members of the Ultraviolet Underground, and under greatly confusing circumstances, he and a user from another team defeated that Aunt Leslie fellow who never accepted your invitation. Again with the help of Jules, he defeated the Philosophers of Hardy Diamond. I think he was trying to save me and Thela Hun Ginjeet, but in the end, he took Buffalo Soldier’s appearance as a challenge and wound up fighting him over who could assassinate Mr. Elliot. Suffice to say, he was bested.
“It’s unfortunate, really…” Destiny’s commander remarked with a sigh. “They truly thought they were defending a greater good, many of them unjust casualties in fate’s attempts to obstruct our path...”
“The world could stand to have more people like them… I’ve always appreciated the work of the Foundation in general. It saddens me that they’ve stood in our way…”
Elsewhere, not long after…
The winner of match 6 is…
The Player Team, with a score of 71 to Strawberry Roan’s 69!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Cosmic Chiefs 22-18 Even with a major misunderstanding, the player team’s strategy was considered solid enough that even those five who voted against it made a point of mentioning how positively solid it was. Votes were piling in until the last minute, disagreeing over whether Strawberry’s long game or the players’ hunting tactics would win out, and if there had been one less, the results of this match would have been completely different.
Quality Cosmic Chiefs 26-25 Reasoning.
JoJolity Strawberry Roan 23-25 Reasoning.
Gina’s shot rang through the air. Her and Lucil had cornered Roan, Lucil in particular having just assaulted him in short-range. He was on the backswing; he had evaded her, gotten a few shots off and ran, but Gina was prepared. He slinked, just briefly, into the range of her [Bad Name], and with the guidance of her Stand, fired off a shot. A low cough and groan made it very clear; the shot had found its mark. It had taken a few stressful hours, but a clean shot was landed on the gunslinger, a follow-up to a beatdown. As Gina pulled the trigger, Lucil and her [Around the World] made their approach.
“You hit him?” Lucil asked, her body hit with a few cuts, scrapes, and bruises.
“Yeah.” Lucil replied curtly.
“Is it safe to make an approach?”
”Let’s see…” [Bad Name’s] voice echoed into Gina’s mind. “Seems like you got him right in the gut… He’s propped himself, sitting under a tree. Doesn’t look like he’s armed. If you wanna question him, make it fast, I think he might be bleeding out.”
“... Seems like it.” Gina finally replied, standing up and swinging her rifle on to her back. “Let’s hurry. He might not have long left for questioning.”
Lucil grimly nodded, following her partner into the woods, towards the gunslinger…
It was already unprecedented for us to even start Round 3, and here we are now closing off Round 4, and both matches on such close notes in all categories… It’s hard to even think of anything to say, I’m blown away by how much closer to the end we’ve made it so far.
Out of the 64 players to have originally entered this tournament, only 8 are remaining as we move into the final round. To everyone who made it this far, to their teammates, and even those who participated in any capacity, we suggest you give yourselves a pat on the back.
As always to any sub-only spectators out there, if you would like first updates and news about the tournament, as well as the ability to interact with the members of the tournament community, then please feel free to PM a member of our Judge Staff and ask for a link to the Official Tournament Discord Server!
Round 4 End Credits theme.
After having proven herself in a race through the vicious Soul Train, poor Mute needed time to herself again. Lucil was great company, of course, but she’d had a lot to think about, and loneliness, in its own ways, was frequently very comforting for her. Not that she wasn’t worried about her, of course, especially since she’d be gone for days, but she had a feeling this one wasn’t forever like Baron.
“A lot of people have died for whatever this is going to give us…” Mute examined her team’s artifact once more. “I wonder what all can really be worth this much…”
Amaki Castillo, who had emerged victorious from a brawl in a sketchy casino’s ballroom not long ago, rested her head on the steering wheel of the banged-up Astral Traveler. Sweet Connelly walked out from under a seat, making a hard to read face at Amaki and making her jump a bit in surprise at the sight.
“Never a dull day, huh..?” She mused to the fox, then looked back at her sole human passenger. “Can we just get out of here now? You can explain everything to me on the way as far from here as possible…”
“That coat…” Gregor Yuvecksky looked at the dark-colored article of clothing with quizzical interest.
“Oh, this?” Geoff Wetton looked down at his newest article of clothing. “It… turned up on the shore when we were in Australia. I swear it’s the same one that Soichi fellow had.”
“And it survived being underwater, surrounded by blood and sharks, eh? Perhaps the coat itself is lucky…” Gregor lets out a mildly amused exhale, but his heart isn’t in it, considering his gruesome last run-in with the thing.
“Then hopefully I’ll be its first owner to truly channel that,” Geoff remarks, mixed emotions similarly present in his voice.
Anna Rose, after another trip to a sports-related match, was back at the university. She took a sip of yet another can of Doctor Doctor Doctor; since associating it with her victory over Jules, they’d become a beverage she just couldn’t get enough of.
“No more sports,” she said with a content sigh, setting it down and taking a seat. “From now on I’m just fully in ass-kicking mode.” She calls out to the younger and older men in the next room over. “You hear that, you two?! Ass-kicking mode!
“…someplace with vultures,” Buffalo Soldier responded after some thought, looking at what’s left of Thela. “That’s what he’d want to happen to him.”
As Amaki nodded with uncertainty, she pulled over both to look at something on the roadside and actually google some important things relating to what he just said. They were in the middle of nowhere after successfully assassinating a Floridan senator..
“Well…” Lucil Caravan rubbed the side of her neck, unsure what to say after what had just gone down. “It’s certainly been… A few days!”
“Strawberry Roan…” Gina Halfway sighs, Bad Name looking over her guns. “I never could have had a greater test of my sniping skills than taking you on, and never could have completed it without your help, Miss Caravan.”
“Y’know,” Lucil remarks, gazing around at everything and nothing in particular, “I’ve got a friend who’s real bummed out our duo couldn’t become a trio… Maybe you could head back with us? If you’re all alone yourself…”
“We’ll consider it!” Bad Name chimes in. “At least, we’ll check the place out!”
Sitting in a swiveling chair in a remote location, Brooke Elliot tossed her burner cell phone at the nearby wall hard. Her husband Randall and his prime enforcer Ryder had failed to answer any of the countless calls she’d made since learning the attack was underway. “They’re… They’re dead…” Elbows on the desk before her, she buried her face in her hands, whimpering for a short while.
“Er, Mrs. Elliot..?” Another feminine voice, this one with a thick accent, snaps her out of her funk, looking up at the figure walking in. “Sorry to barge in, but…”
“Now isn’t a good time, Nijinga…” She sniffles. “He’s… He’s dead.”
“We had a feeling… ‘She’ thought that you might want this, is all.” The woman holds out a handful of dubious pills.
“I swore off that shit when I got married. Don’t tempt me.”
“Right, right…” The other woman retracts the hand. “She just wanted me to ask, is all.” She pauses, thinking. “If… Ryder and Mr. E are both dead, then that means you’re in charge, yes? What are we doing now?”
“For now..?” Brooke looks solemnly at the other woman. “I need time to mourn, to think, and we can’t let this place fall into enemy hands anyway. Keep holding the fort down.”
“And your daughter? Should we send for her?”
“No, no… She’s. Safer where she is. Tell the rest of the Perfect Strangers to prepare for an attack. I’m sure someone’s going to come hunting this place down eventually anyway.”
The next scene ought to be familiar to regular readers by now: the nice room with plenty of seat space at a big table, an old-timey radio playing out the song this round is ending on. Two men, GIANTS and Destiny Showdown, and a woman, Lilah Dawn, sit around one side of the table, reconvening for the first time since the end of the previous round.
“Everyone here succeeded in their missions, yet one less of us is here again…” Lilah Dawn reflects, a bittersweet touch to her voice.
“I made a humiliating miscalculation and cost the life of a friend and potentially ally,” Destiny, still beating himself up over that, remarks, “even if the world is finally rid of the senator, and we’re one little patch closer to what we desire.”
What matters is that the rest of us still live, Destiny. Strawberry Roan may have failed in the end, but the memory of his steadfast resolution will give us strength. We must, as he would have said, ‘Stand Proud.’ We have little time for regret or mourning, even for a man such as himself. Now, with so few obstacles remaining... is when we ought to be acting more decisively than ever.
Lilah brings a hand up against her face, raising her eyebrows. “Sir, are you suggesting what I think you are..?”
I am. With a third of these ‘patches’ under our belt, it’s about time, I would think, that we begin to make a point of acting more directly. It won’t be long, anyway, until ‘somebody’ refuses to play into our hands by squabbling with the rest of their competition.
“These teams are at one another’s throats… Jules Langlais and Anna Rose, then Buffalo Soldier and Russ Teneo, had no quarrel with one another, yet attempted to kill one another on sight,” Destiny reminds the Hall of Heads, “would those who remain really be capable of cobbling together some sense of unity...?”
In a mysterious mansion, where a visiting sniper had begun to piece together precisely who her most recent partner had once worked for, onboard a roaming bus, and at a college campus, a familiar sound comes through on their nearby radios.
Uh… Hey, again. It’s T. T Square. There should be… About eight people receiving this message. And, uh… You know who you are, and what this is about, to some of you in particular, but I’m not holding it against you, just so you know. He wouldn’t have wanted me to. Anyway though, uh… To all eight of you hearing this right now. Coconut Grove, Miami. One week. Meet me there. We have to Stand Proud.
<=To be Continued===
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Shipping to US only, $3 flat rate. Prices are for friends and family, can invoice if buyer pays fees. If the item is not listed below, it is not available. Prices are pretty firm but will give deals on bundles. Please ask if you have any questions.
Full Verification Album
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Any usage is fine, swapping preferred but opened to buying; I'd like for pricing to be around half of retail, but feel free to show me what you got!
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Two men shot in Coconut Grove

City of Miami Police investigate a shooting at 3452 Day avenue in Coconut Grove on Monday February 23, 2015. Video by Pat Farrell. Cocoanut Grove Survivors Tell Their Stories - Duration: 11 ... Coconut Grove - Disasters of the Century - Duration: 21:51. Bad Day HQ 159,391 views. 21:51. The MS13 gang members causing chaos in ... Life After Death Experience (NDE) with Steve Gardipee, Vietnam War Story One of the Best NDEs - Duration: 16:38. Dustin Warncke Recommended for you Profile of Coconut Grove Beach Resort - Elmina. Various interesting side attractions. 18 Hole Golf Course, Crocodile Pond, Peacocks, Monkeys, Fish Pond and m... Welcome to my YouTube Channel and I hope you enjoy my videos. One of my favorite relaxing moments is when I get to sit and watch other videos. I really enjoy watching anything to do with beauty ... Coconut GroveIt's really true how nothin' mattersNo mad, mad world and no mad hattersNoone's pitchin' cause there ain't no battersIn Coconut GrooveDon't bar ... Another set from the show I made in 1979 with Marty Callner, Bob Williams, Terry Kirkman, Spike Jones, Jr., Phil Proctor, Peter Bergman, and Mort Sahl. 6-ca... The Cocoanut Grove was a premier nightclub during the post-Prohibition 1930s and 1940s in Boston, Massachusetts. On November 28, 1942, this club was the scen... ALGORITMO CONTROLLATO (unbiased): Registrandovi al casinò dal sito madre o dai vari siti di pubblicità ai casino online nel 90% dei casi riceverete l'algoritmo controllato . Solo un giocatore su ... Going LIVE from the Casino Mound. Join us in the shade of the oak trees as we take a mini-tour. Don't forget Vizcaya's gardens are OPEN! And we have extended hours this Friday, closing at 7:30 p.m ...